Who Is Mary Wiseman?

I am a Personal Trainer who works side by side with men and women of all ages who want to become stronger so they can live life to the fullest.  I help clients capitalize on their strengths and diminish their weaknesses. I am an active person who enjoys running, strength training, paddle boarding, mountain biking, and hiking. Nothing makes me happier than instilling the power and confidence in my clients, enabling them to kick through their limits and hit their goals out of the park. I am a teacher and a leader.
Mary Wiseman- Owner and Trainer

Mary Wiseman- Owner and Trainer

Why FitWise LLC?

Chances are you are not a fitness expert, so how are you supposed to know the latest fitness trends and keep up with the most effective ways to achieve the results you would do just about anything for? Magazines, apps, and downloads might be fun and flashy, but they can become boring and mediocre when it comes to content and interactivity. Why settle for mediocre when  you can have AWESOME? Unlike your favorite fitness app, I will answer any questions you have.  I am here to instruct and motivate you, while holding you accountable and making sure you stay on track.
FitWise LLC has been located in Manchester NH for over 12 years now.  I feel fortunate to have been chosen by WZID 95.7  in the past to be on their morning show as a local fitness expert.  I was also highlighted on WMUR Channel 9 for my work with a local resident to help him lose over 260 pounds.
Over the last decade, I have worked hard to build FitWise LLC into a name that people can trust.  Helping others help themselves, is not a hobby for me.  It is my life and I wouldn't change it for anything.