There are NO magic powders, pills, gels, or specialized abdominal contraptions that will help you get the body you want in just 2 weeks.


. Real results measured in body fat %, weight, and inches
. Fast, fun, effective workouts
. A convenient and comfortable environment in a great location
. Manchester’s finest personal trainers with over 19 years experience



A Manchester man fighting to lose hundreds of pounds is getting help from someone inspired by his story.

Gregg Blanchard weighed more than 800 pounds when a dangerous leg infection finally sent him to a hospital. About a month later, he returned home 100 pounds lighter.

Full story:


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Mary has 19 years of experience in personal training. Her passion is health/ fitness and teaching others how to reach their fullest potential in these areas as well.

Using a wide variety of training styles, she is able to help her clients reach their personal fitness goals in a safe and timely fashion. She enjoys different styles of training, including kettlebells, sandbags,sledgehammers, ropes etc…

Mary works in conjunction with WZID 95.7 radio, as their local Fitness Expert to answer questions from callers regarding fitness and health. She has designed and implemented many successful weight loss programs such as “New You in 90 Days” and “Extreme Measures” which is ongoing here at FitWise.

Mary enjoys working with all types of clients. She feels the key to success in helping a client reach his or her goal, is being a good listener. The more she knows about her clients and what they are looking for, the closer she can get them to their goal in the shortest amount of time.

.AFAA Certified
.TRX Rip Trainer Certified
.CPR/AED Certified
.Voted #1 Fitness Trainer by Hippo Press twice
.1999 Cape Cod Natural Bodybuilding Competition 1st Place, 2nd Overall
.Featured on WMUR Channel 9 – Trainer Signs On To Help Man Lose 100’s of Pounds
.Lead Fitness Expert on WZID 95.7



Over the past 15 years Vicki has devoted the majority of her time personal training women in all stages of their life. She has worked with women aged 75+ to the teenage girl looking to improve her athletic abilities. Over this time Vicki has become an expert in women’s fitness and the needs of the female body.

Vicki also holds a BS in Exercise and Sports Science and is certified through the National Strength and Conditioning Association as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist which gives her both the knowledge and expertise to program for athletes of all levels and abilities. As a triathlete, Vicki thrives on developing programs for the endurance athlete that will either increase their race distance (i.e., 10K to Half-Marathon) or improve their speed and power in an athlete’s preferred race length.

Philosophy: In order to make lasting changes a strong foundation must be created to build upon.

.BS Exercise and Sport Science
.TRX Rip Trainer Certified
.Pre and Postnatal Certified
.STOTT Intensive Mat Plus Trained
.TRX Certified
.CPR/AED Certified



Jesse has over 15 years of experience as a personal trainer. He has coached and trained aspiring athletes and average people from all walks of life. Jesse strives to help improve peoples’ performance, their lives and overall well-being.

Jesse was an avid soccer player and fitness enthusiast in his youth, and he trained to become a first time bodybuilding champion at the age of 21. Much of the knowledge he shares and wishes you to use every day comes from personal experience and from the discovery through experimentation, and the feeling of the movements and experiencing the results.

Jesse is also a certified Level 2 EFT Practitioner, which relates to the mind and energy of the body, and how one’s thoughts correlate to the performance of the body. Limiting beliefs hinder much of what is possible. Jesse integrates the calmness and peace of yoga and the enjoyment of stretching and cooling down in all of his sessions.

.ISM - Certified Personal Trainer
.EFT Level 2 Certified Practitioner
.CPR and AED Certified



Jeff has been a coach and personal trainer in the fitness industry for over 25 years. Jeff's passion is coaching and educating his clients and athletes at all levels to reach and exceed their performance, fitness levels, and health goals. Jeff enjoys working with all fitness levels, and has coached high school and collegiate athletes as well as persons with special medical conditions, orthopedic issues, weight loss clients and older adults. He specializes in one on one, small group and large group training.

Philosophy: Everyone has their own personal fitness level and concerns regarding their health and well being. Providing the appropriate level of intensity in exercise, nutritional needs and motivation for each individual are the keys to continuing a healthy lifestyle.

.BS in Health Fitness from Springfield College
.National Strength and Conditioning Association - Certified Strength and
fConditioning Specialist
.CPR/AED/First Aid Certified - American Heart Association



Jon has been training for over 18 years in various physical disciplines including, weightlifting, kettlebells, sledgehammers, ropes, plyometrics, as well as full contact kickboxing and shaolin kung fu. Jon recently helped a good friend change his life when he took it upon himself to train his friend over the course of half a year resulting in an almost 70lbs weight loss. This motivated Jon to become a certified personal trainer and to put all of his years of knowledge to benefit and inspire others to make healthy lifestyle choices.

.His goal is to teach others to better understand what their own bodies are capable of, through a regiment of strength/cardio conditioning and balance.

.AFAA Certified Personal Trainer
.CPR/AED Certified



Carol has been involved with fitness since 1988 as a group fitness instructor, specializing in body conditioning, kickboxing, and spinning before becoming an ACE Certified Personal Trainer.She is also a CHEK Certified Exercise Coach, specializing in postural assessment, physiological load assessment, functional moving assessment and corrective exercise for both athletes and non-athletes alike.

.Her goal is to help people move correctly to enhance work, play and sport.

.ACE Certified
.CHEK Certified
.CPR Certified


There are many steps to becoming healthy and fit. Fitwise will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and accountability to reach your goals. Each client is provided with a personalized portfolio that will offer:

.Individual long and short term goals
.Customized nutritional information
.Fitness guidance and logs
.Before and after photos

Each portfolio will be catered to your personal fitness and nutritional needs to help you get the results you want effectively and efficiently. Our programs are individually designed for each client, depending on their current fitness level and future goals. Not only will we help you reach your personal fitness goals, we will show you how to have fun doing it and educate you along the way.

Getting in shape and feeling good shouldn't be a chore!

*Weight loss/bodyfat % reduction
*Increase lean muscle
*Strengthen and tone
*Increase flexibility
*Increase balance and coordination
*Cardiovascular conditioning
*Reduce anxiety/depression
*Feel good/look better


I want to share some of my weight loss story as a way to express my appreciation for FitWise Personal Training, where I’ve always felt validated and respected regardless of my body size, my fitness level, or where I was in the process of reaching my goals. I also want to show others, by example, that it’s o.k. to acknowledge and talk about obesity. I believe that there’s strength in numbers, and the more we can open up and share our experiences, the more we can help each other achieve a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Deb - Age 52 - Goffstown


I have been training at FitWise for 4 years. What I like best about training here is the focus that Mary gives to the workouts and each exercise. She pays attention to my goals and that makes all of the difference. One thing I have learned at FitWise is to try new and different things.

After 25 years of working out, Mary has helped take my training sessions to a whole new level. Mary is the BEST! I am leaner, stronger, more fit and HAPPY!!

Karen - Age 41 - Manchester


I have been training with Mary for about 6 years. I have been coming to FitWise since they opened about 3.5+ years ago. I like the personal attention including the sessions crafted specifically for me and my goals. I also like the privacy here. There is usually no more than 6-8 people in the facility at once.

I have learned that no amount of great training sessions will make you any less responsible for your overall health.

Mary is pleasant, kind and never judgmental. She has never given up on me no matter how many times I've tried and not met my goals.

I now have very good upper body strength and much more stamina.

Elaine - age 54 - Manchester


I have been training at FitWise for 1 year. I like the knowledgeable and friendly staff and the level of attention I receive. I have improved on my eating habits and I finally lost 5 lbs. It may not seem like a lot, but it is quite and accomplishment for me.

Melissa is great at mixing up my workouts. They are always different. She has been great at modifying my workouts due to 2 shoulder surgeries in the past 4 years. Melissa has a great personality and a great sense of humor.

Vickie - Age 50 - Goffstown


I have been training at FitWise for 3 years. The facility is very clean and has up-to-date modern equipment that is well maintained. My trainer (Mary) is very professional and pushes me to work as hard as I can and at a level that I sometimes think I may not be able to achieve.

I have learned weight lifting techniques in a safe and proper way that maximizes the benefit I get out of the training. I've also learned that it is not necessarily the amount of weight but the proper lifting technique and order of exercises within a given circuit.

Mary's exercise regimens are very challenging and she constantly changes the routines which makes the sessions interesting and go by quickly. I have enjoyed working with her for the past year and a half.

My strength has improved since training at FitWise along with developing muscle tone. I am more aware of the benefits of cross training between cardio and weights.

John- Age 46 - Bedford


I have been training at FitWise for 4 years ($ well spent!). What I like most about FItWise is my trainer! The facility is quiet and is a much more peaceful place to workout than a busy, noisy gym with large #'s of sweaty people. I also like the mill building that FitWise is located in for numerous reasons non related to exercise - history - etc.

I have learned to be even more conscious of my physical body and the value I am gaining by my efforts!

Mary is awesome. She challenges me both mentally and physically. She has been an enormous help to my overall psychological wellbeing. I have always recognized the value of exercise and physical challenge.

I have increased the strength in my entire body! It is noticeable in everything I do - from hiking, gardening, bending at the stackable washer and dryer, etc...Happy Camper Here!

Judy - Age 56 - Bedford


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