Changing your lifestyle to become more fit and healthy is not always an easy task.

What might be effortless for some, can be downright impossible for others.Why is that? It's because we are all quite different when it comes to levels of fitness. If something is way too difficult or makes you sick when you do it, chances are you are not yet conditioned for it. Or, it may just not be right for you. You should feel encouraged, not discouraged during your workout session. Not everyone starts out cycling 100 miles through the mountains of Vermont, but that's not to say you can't have that as a goal and train for it! We want to help you reach your health and fitness goals in a safe and effective manner so that you "enjoy the ride" along the way.

do you feel like you want to be challenged and motivated?

Having a Personal Trainer at FitWise is like having a never-ending source of motivation and encouragement. Our staff takes pride in what they do. Not only are you investing money in your health, you are also saving time. There is nothing like having an appointment that you look forward to. It may motivate you to get off of that couch or even to be able to step away from work for a while....FOR YOU. 







Mary's philosophy is that physical strength is only a portion of optimal health and fitness.  She believes that if you combine physical strength with mental strength, you will be unstoppable! The power of confidence and self respect can be the deciding factors for achieving your goals. Mary has had great success helping her clients achieve their health and fitness goals over the last 23 years. She knows that education, motivation and dedication are 3 key components required to ensure success in becoming healthier and more fit. Mary enjoys working with clients who are ready to make the commitment to become stronger, healthier and happier.  By incorporating strength, flexibility, cardiovascular training, and a healthy nutrition outline, she will guide you to achieve the results you deserve.

•AFAA Certified  • TRX Rip Trainer Certified .CPR/AED Certified •Voted #1 Fitness Trainer by Hippo Press twice •1999 Cape Cod Natural Bodybuilding Competition 1st Place, 2nd Overall .

Jesse has over 15 years of experience as a personal trainer. He has coached and trained aspiring athletes and various people from all walks of life. Jesse strives to help improve peoples' performance, their lives and overall well-being.

Jesse was an avid soccer player and fitness enthusiast in his youth, and he trained to become a first time bodybuilding champion at the age of 21. Much of the knowledge he shares and wishes you to use every day comes from personal experience and from the discovery through experimentation, and the feeling of the movements and experiencing the results. Jesse is also a certified Level 2 EFT Practitioner, which relates to the mind and energy of the body, and how one's thoughts correlate to the performance of the body. Limiting beliefs hinder much of what is possible. Jesse integrates the calmness and peace of yoga and the enjoyment of stretching and cooling down in all of his sessions.

•ISM -Certified Personal Trainer •EFT Level 2 Certified Practitioner
•CPR and
AED Certified